Friend Links
Orange Wizzrobe! - Brendan D's xanga
Random Rants and Ramblings - Daniel L's site
*Naughty statement deleted* - Domi L's xanga
Eric Lai Online - Eric L's site
florenceblog - Florence W's site
c:>svcutil /t:metadata - Hoop S's MSDN page
Entering TOFULAND - Irene L's xanga
Matt's World - Matt P's geocities page
Morbo's Journal - Peter L's livejournal
Sanders Chong - Sanders C's page
Sha v 3.1 - Sha Sha C's site

Fun Links
Homestar Runner - Everybody! Everybody!
Newgrounds - Tons of awesome flash animations! (Some of the ads are a bit sketchy though.)
Dad's Home - Quite possibly the best flash animation of all time.
Kingdom of Loathing - A fun, funny, and free online MMORPG with the best illustrations ever!
Penny Arcade - The kings of video game blogs and webcomics.
VG Cats - Video game webcomic with incredible art.
Friend site: more
   Irene L's xanga
Fun site: more
VG Cats
   Video game webcomic with incredible art.
Quote: more
"Wilt: Um, why do you have a potato sack?Eduardo: *shrugs* I like potatoes."
   -from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, emulating my answer for why potato@xyz is my usual e-mail address.
Thought: more
It's a good thing that somebody invented braces.
Show: more
   A sitcom on NBC that lasted one season. Watched one episode and was instantly hooked. Lovable characters. Like Dharma and Greg, but much, much, much funnier.
Game: more
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II
   My brothers and I have logged more hours with this game than any other game ever. (Koei, PC)
Song: more
Shimmer - Fuel
   One of my favorite songs of all time.
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